Atmosphere Opening & Keynote Session Call to Action Conference Synthesis and Closing Session

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1 Health Information Systems: the Case, their Value, the Current and Future Challenges
Parallel Session 1.1 Renewing Policy and Legislation for Health Information
Parallel Session 1.2 Tracking and Communicating Public Health Emergencies from the Front Lines
Parallel Session 1.3 Informing the Response to Chronic Diseases
Parallel Session 1.4 Generating Global Evidence: Births, Deaths and Causes of Death
Parallel Session 1.5 Choosing and Using Standards for Interoperable Information Systems
Plenary Session 2 Stepping Up to the Plate : Who Does What to Improve Health Information for Monitoring Health-Related Goals?
Parallel Session 2.1 Tracking Country Health Systems Performance
Parallel Session 2.2 Financial and Human Resources for HIS
Parallel Session 2.3 Universal Access to Health and Health Services : Essential Information to Track Progress and Support Management. From Measuring Inputs to Measuring Impact?
Parallel Session 2.4 Public Stewardship of Private Providers : The Role of Health Information Systems
Plenary Session 3 Enhancing Global Security : Information Systems as the Foundation of Pandemic Preparedness and Response
Parallel Session 3.1 Improving Transparency Through Collaboration across Sectors
Parallel Session 3.2 Exploring the Frontiers of Health Information in a Petabyte Age
Parallel Session 3.3 Measuring the Un-measurable : Death, Disease, Health and Happiness
Parallel Session 3.4 Harmonizing Multiple Health Information Systems through Effective System Analysis and Design
Parallel Session 3.5 Managing Complex Data in Health Crises: Challenges for National Health Information Systems