Side Meetings / Toolkit Sessions

One Health tool for planning and costing strategic planning in health

Duration: toolkit session (half day)
Coordinator: Tessa Tan-Torres Edejer WHO

  1. Background / Overview

    A national health strategic plan is the blueprint for the work that is to be done by the health authorities in a country. It documents the commitments that are being promised by the government and it can be used to determine accountability during annual health sector reviews.  However, reviews of existing national strategic health plans show major shortcomings, key among which are that planning and costing of some of the global health initiatives as implemented in the country are not integrated with the national strategic plan, and that health system concerns like human resources for health are also not comprehensively considered and addressed in the plans.  To address these shortcomings, the OneHealth tool has been developed by a UN interagency working group on costing to assist countries as they do their national health strategic planning and costing.

  2. Objectives

    a. To describe the current state of costing and planning in national health strategic plans 
    b. To present the OneHealth tool
    c. To describe country experiences with the OneHealth tool

  3. Format of the session (total 4 hours including 30 minutes for coffee break)

    Moderator: Dr. Hong Wang, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (tbc)

    Overview and introduction of participants:

    Presentation of review of  of costing and planning in national health strategic plans by Tessa Tan-Torres Edejer (WHO)

    Interactive demonstration session showing the features of the OneHealth Tool by Chris James (WHO/WPRO) and Walaiporn  Patcharanarumol (IHPP/WHO)

    Presentation of country experience with OneHealth Tool by Mr. Andre Zida (Burkina Faso)

    Each presentation will be followed by a general discussion.

  4. Download:

    icon National Health Policies, Strategies and Plans and costing (NHPSP) (1.5 MB)
    icon Financial sustainability assessment: Overview (602.76 kB)
    icon Burkina Faso Experience National Strategic Plan (PNDS 2011- 2013) costing with OneHealth (441.84 kB)