2012-GeneralAtmosphere General Atmosphere
2012-KeyNote Keynote Session
2012-PL01 Plenary session 1: Universal Health Coverage: Utopia or Mirage to Human Development?
2012-PL02 Plenary session 2: The complex nexus: Political will, civil society and evidence in achieving UHC
2012-PL03 Plenary session 3: Pathways to UHC: Debates on critical policy choices
2012-PL04 Plenary session 4: Achieving universal coverage: a key role of health systems
2012-PL05 Plenary session 5: Ministerial Round Table: Advancing UHC Agenda
2012-PS21 Parallel Session 2.1: Raising more domestic resources for health
2012-PS22 Parallel Session 2.2: Role of Development Assistance in Universal Coverage
2012-PS23 Parallel Session 2.3: Macroeconomics and Universal Health Coverage
2012-PS24 Parallel Session 2.4: Governance structure and institutional capacities in advancing UHC
2012-PS25 Parallel Session 2.5:Voice of the People

Parallel Session 2.6: The Role of the Private Sector in Universal Health Coverage a Blessing or a Curse

2012-PS31 Parallel Session 3.1: Defining, Measuring and Monitoring Universal Health Coverage
2012-PS32 Parallel Session 3.2: Voluntary insurance schemes: what lessons for low- and middle-income countries seeking to cover the informal sector?
2012-PS33 Parallel Session 3.3: Beyond Bismarck and Beveridge:  Lessons from hybrid financing to cover a billion people
2012-PS34 Parallel Session 3.4: Reaching  and protecting the poor in Low Income Countries:  What challenges?
2012-PS35 Parallel Session 3.5: Portability of financial risk protection across schemes, across borders
2012-PS36 Parallel Session 3.6: Universal Health for the Working Poor: Barriers to Access
2012-PS41 Parallel Session 4.1: Measuring the impact and outcome of universal coverage
2012-PS42 Parallel Session 4.2: Resource scarcity, efficiency and coverage with health services
2012-PS43 Parallel Session 4.3: Provider payment: aligning proper incentive and efficiency
2012-PS44 Parallel Session 4.4: Using financing as a platform for quality improvement
2012-PS45 Parallel Session 4.5: Ageing populations: What challenges for health financing?
2012-PS46 Parallel Session 4.6: Giants Racing Towards UHC: Health Financing Reforms in China and India
2012-WelcomeDinner Welcome Dinner
2012-ConferenceSynthesis Conference Synthesis
2012-ClosingCeremony Closing Ceremony