A World United Against Infectious Diseases:
Cross-sectoral solutions

Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2013
1st Global Conference on Regional Disease Surveillance Networks
2nd International One Health Congress
Centennial Commemoration of the Rockefeller Foundation

Date: 28 January - 2 Febuary 2013

Venue : Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at Central World



The Prince Mahidol Award Conference is an annual international conference hosted by the Royal Thai Government, the Prince Mahidol Award Foundation, and other relevant International Organizations, Foundations and Civil Society Organizations. The Conference serves as an international forum for sharing evidence for health related policies and strengthens social commitments for health development. This conference is linked to the annual Prince Mahidol Award for public health and medicines, one of the most prestigious international health awards.

The Conference in 2013 is jointly organized for the Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2013, the 1st Global Conference on Regional Disease Surveillance Networks, the 2nd International One Health Congress, and the Centennial Commemoration of the Rockefeller Foundation.  The 2013 Conference with the theme "A World United Against Infectious Diseases: Cross-Sectoral Solutions" is dedicated to transparent and progressive resolve to reduce the threat of infectious diseases through cross-sectoral and international cooperation and communication.

The 2013 Conference will prove to be one of the most significant assemblages of infectious disease experts in the world, who will meet to advance the "One Health" agenda beyond the theoretical to the practical, and bring much-needed attention to the policy and operational issues that ultimately determine the impact and success of these cross-sectoral efforts.

We expect vanguard moments with a positive impact on global solidarity for a world united against infectious disease.

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One Health: Meeting the Challenge of "A World United Against Infectious Diseases"
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David M. Serwadda icon-ppt
National to Regional to Global Surveillance - A Path to One Health
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Elizabeth Mumford icon-ppt
Yoshihiro Sakoda
Achievements and Gaps in One Health Surveillance
Armando Gonzalez
Peter Black icon-ppt
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Julio Pinto icon-ppt
Daniela von Blumröder
Ecosystems, Eildlife and One Health
David Coates
Ruth Cromie
Borja Heredia
William Karesh icon-ppt
Juan Lubroth
Scott Perkin
Scott Newman
Making Regional Networks Work
Silvia Bino
Louise Gresham icon-ppt
Martyn Jeggo
Pongpisut Jongudomsuk
Dominic Kambarage
Alex Leventhal
Christophe Longuet
Pierre Nabeth icon-ppt
Bounlay Phommasack
Stanley Sonoiya
Kumnuan Ungchusak
Nigel Lightfoot
Mark Rweynemamu
Measuring the Impact of Cross-sectoral Collaboration on Disease Prevention and Control at the Human-Animal-Ecosystems Interface
Nitish Debnath icon-ppt
Penelope Mavor
Wilhelm von Trott
Frans van Knapen
Paul Williams
Katinka de Balogh
Debra Olson
Innovations Advancing Health Surveillance at the Human-Animal Interface
Teerasak Chuxnum
Tracey Goldstein
Clement Meseko icon-ppt
Maurice Ope
Vivek Singh
Rafael Villa-Angulo
Charlanne Burke
Transforming the Global Workforce for One Health Approaches
William Bazeyo
Sopon Iamsirithaworn icon-ppt
Malika Kachani icon-ppt
Narin Romlumduan icon-ppt
Joanna McKenzie icon-ppt
William Hueston
Preparedness for Nipah Virus Outbreaks in At-Risk Countries
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Supaporn Wacharapluesadee icon-ppt
Jonathan Epstein
PLENARY SESSION 3 Policies and Strategies to Meet the Challenge of Emerging Disease Threat through Prevention, Preparedness and Response
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David Heymann icon-ppt
John Mackenzie icon-ppt
Dilys Morgan icon-ppt
Mark Rweynemamu
Ximena Aguilera icon-ppt
PARALLEL SESSION 3.1 Cross-sectoral Solutions: Challenges and Best Practices from Country and Regional Experiences
Annette Dixon
Baizid Khoorshid Riaz icon-ppt
James Kile
Bounlay Phommasack
Suvichai Rojanasthien icon-ppt
Masato Mugitani
PARALLEL SESSION 3.2 Managing Pandemic Disease Threats in the International Extraction Industry
Marta Cabrera
Frank Fox icon-ppt
William Karesh icon-ppt
Steven Phillips icon-ppt
PARALLEL SESSION 3.3 People, Practices and Policies –Designing and Implementing Effective Multisectoral, Trans-disciplinary Interventions to Reduce Risk and Mitigate the Negative Impact of Infectious Diseases under One Health
Petra Dickmann
Asiya Odugleh-Kolev icon-ppt
John Parrish-Sprowl
Daniel Siegel
Bill Smith
Duc J. Vugia
Kama Garrison
PARALLEL SESSION 3.4 Successful Collaboration: Trust and Transparent Data Sharing and Communication
Soheir Abdelkader icon-ppt
Peter Black
Hume Field icon-ppt
I Nyoman Kandun icon-ppt
Pudjiatmoko icon-ppt
Wantanee Kalpravidh
PARALLEL SESSION 3.5 Identify Gaps/Barriers that Impede Effective Cross Border Preparedness and Response Planning and Execution for Infectious Diseases
Ferdinal M. Fernando icon-ppt
Jan Hinrichs icon-ppt
James Hopkins icon-ppt
Vincent Martin icon-ppt
Moe Ko Oo
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Jonathan Rushton icon-ppt
Subhash Morzaria
PARALLEL SESSION 3.6 Contribution of the One Health Paradigm to Food Security
Francois Le Gall icon-ppt
Lany Rebagay
Pathom Sawanpanyalert icon-ppt
Craig Stephen icon-ppt
Berhe Tekola
David Nabarro
PARALLEL SESSION 3.7 Is Technology or Failure of the Imagination the Bigger Challenge for Disease Detection?
Karl Brown
John Brownstein icon-ppt
Peter Daszak
Dionisio Jose Herrera Guibert
Dennis M. Israelski
Esron Karimuribo icon-ppt
Ann Marie Kimball
Carl Koppeschaar icon-ppt
Mark Smolinski
Juan Lubroth
Larry Madoff
Stephen S. Morse
Rosanna Peeling icon-ppt
Patipat Susumpow icon-ppt
Channe Suy
PLENARY SESSION 4 The Paradigm Shift Towards Cross-Sectoral Collaboration: Policy, Tools and Empowering Factors for Health Systems Strengthening
Borja Heredia
Peter Maina Ithondeka icon-ppt
William Karesh
Dilys Morgan
Elizabeth Mumford icon-ppt
Maged Younes
PARALLEL SESSION 4.1 Stories from the Ground
Syed Abbas icon-ppt
Bernadette ABELA-RIDDER icon-ppt
Jeanne Coffin icon-ppt
Rungrueng Kitphati icon-ppt
Kota Yoshioka icon-ppt
Yojiro Ishii
Tessa Richards
PARALLEL SESSION 4.2 The Evolutionary Process of Risk Determination to Define Surveillance Strategies and Target Resources for Efficient Prevention and Control
Peter Daszak
Pierre Formenty icon-ppt
Marius Gilbert icon-ppt
Dirk Pfeiffer icon-ppt
Jonna Mazet
PARALLEL SESSION 4.3 Unprecedented Move toward a More Coherent Approach Among Sectors for the Strengthening of National Human-Animal-Ecosystem Health Capacities
Simeon S. Amurao Jr. icon-ppt
Stephane de La Rocque icon-ppt
Stela Gheorghita icon-ppt
Francois Le Gall
Maged Younes
Severin Loul icon-ppt
Scott Newman
Herbert Schneider icon-ppt
Rajesh Sreedharan icon-ppt
Alejandro Thiermann icon-ppt
PARALLEL SESSION 4.4 Going Viral #Strategic Public Communication to Affect Practices and Livelihoods: http://PMAC
Dee Bennett
Ljubica Latinovic
Keri Lubell
Monika Gehner
Anton Schneider
PARALLEL SESSION 4.5 Controlling Antibiotic Resistance through the One Health Approach
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Li Yang Hsu icon-ppt
Andri Jatikusumah icon-ppt
Carmem Pessoa-Silva icon-ppt
Mira Shiva
David Wallinga icon-ppt
David Legge
PARALLEL SESSION 4.6 Enabling Policy Environments for a One Health Approach
Gervais Andze Ondobo icon-ppt
Santanu Bandyopadhyay icon-ppt
Ruben Donis icon-ppt
Steven Phillips
Theerapat Prayurasiddhi icon-ppt
Michael Robach icon-ppt
Joseph Annelli icon-ppt
Marguerite Pappaioanou icon-ppt
PARALLEL SESSION 4.7 Enhancing One Health: To Cultures, Add Culture
Cynthia Hunter icon-ppt
Saiful Islam icon-ppt
Jeffrey Mariner icon-ppt
Julienne Ngoundoung Anoko-
Lertrak Srikitjakarn icon-ppt
Stephen Luby-
Susan Zimicki-
PLENARY SESSION 5 Sustainable Effective Cross-sectoral Collaboration for Bio-secured World
Keiji Fukuda
Om Kim Sir
Hasan Mahmud
Ali Ghufron Mukti icon-ppt
Ariel Pablos-Mendez
Mark Rweynemamu
Mark Smolinski
Synthesis: Summary, Conclusion & Recommendations
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To foster cooperation and communication across sectors and across borders to mitigate the threat of infectious diseases, existing or emerging, at the human-animal-ecosystems interface.

To review and share experiences among low, middle and high-income countries with different degrees of health system capacity as defined within the International Health Regulations and the OIE PVS pathway, leading to knowledge sharing, strengthening of health systems, establishment of sound policies, and positive social action.

To identify the human suffering and economic cost if we fail to build appropriate human and institutional capacities and fail to exploit available technologic innovations in countering health threats.

To provide opportunities for a group of experts - utilizing multidiscipline country teams - to dialogue, learn, create solutions, and provide leadership in applied one-health concepts.

To provide a platform for international, regional, and national disease surveillance systems and networks to demonstrate best practices, forward-looking concepts, management of political challenges, and cross-border cooperation in response to health threats at the human-animal-ecosystem interface.

To identify those policies and other higher-level factors that either constrain or enable effective cross-sectoral collaboration at the country, regional and global level and the formulation of an action agenda that draws on these insights to promote successful cross-sectoral solutions to infectious disease threats.



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