Keynote Session
Plenary session 1: One Health: Meeting the Challenge of "A World United Against Infectious Diseases"
Plenary session 2: National to Regional to Global Surveillance – A Path to One Health
Plenary session 3: Policies and Strategies to Meet the Challenge of Emerging Disease Threat through Prevention, Preparedness and Response
Plenary session 4: The Paradigm Shift Towards Cross-Sectoral Collaboration: Policy, Tools and Empowering Factors for Health Systems Strengthening
Plenary session 5: Sustainable Effective Cross-sectoral Collaboration for Bio-secured World
Parallel session 2.1: Achievements and Gaps in One Health Surveillance
Parallel session 2.2: Ecosystems, Wildlife and One Health
Parallel session 2.3: Making Regional Networks Work
Parallel session 2.4: Measuring the Impact of Cross-sectoral Collaboration on Disease Prevention and Control at the Human-Animal-Ecosystems Interface
Parallel session 2.5: Innovations Advancing Health Surveillance at the Human-Animal Interface
Parallel session 2.6: Transforming the Global Workforce for One Health Approaches
Parallel session 2.7: Preparedness for Nipah Virus Outbreaks in At-Risk Countries
Parallel session 3.1: Cross-sectoral Solutions: Challenges and Best Practices from Country and Regional Experiences
Parallel session 3.2: Managing Pandemic Disease Threats in the International Extraction Industry
Parallel session 3.3: People, Practices and Policies –Designing and Implementing Effective Multisectoral, Transdisciplinary Interventions to Reduce Risk and Mitigate the Negative Impact of Infectious Diseases under One Health
Parallel session 3.4: Successful Collaboration: Trust and Transparent Data Sharing and Communication
Parallel session 3.5: Identify Gaps/Barriers that Impede Effective Cross Border Preparedness and Response Planning and Execution for Infectious Diseases
Parallel session 3.6: Contribution of the One Health Paradigm to Food Security
Parallel session 3.7: Is Technology or Failure of the Imagination the Bigger Challenge for Disease Detection?
Parallel session 4.1: Stories from the Ground
Parallel session 4.2: The Evolutionary Process of Risk Determination to Define Surveillance Strategies and Target Resources for Efficient Prevention and Control
Parallel session 4.3: Unprecedented Move toward a More Coherent Approach Among Sectors for the Strengthening of National Human-Animal-Ecosystem Health Capacities
Parallel session 4.4: Going Viral #Strategic Public Communication to Affect Practices and Livelihoods
Parallel session 4.5: Controlling Antibiotic Resistance through the One Health Approach
Parallel session 4.6: Enabling Policy Environments for a One Health Approach
Parallel session 4.7: Enhancing One Health: To Cultures, Add Culture
Conference Synthesis session
Closing Ceremony