Global Health Post 2015 – Accelerating Equity


The Plenary Session will provide an overview of the evolution of Global Health, and the important and evolution of improving equity globally. It would also assess the impact of social inequity on health. It is aimed to set the scene of the Conference. There is a consensus from every major forum that social inequity has serious impact on health and that inequity in health outcomes between the rich and the poor is unjust and unfair and should be reduced. This session should stimulate the global commitment to improve not only overall health indicators but also their discrepancy among different socio-economic status. It is expected that the post 2015 targets and indicators will include the reduction of inequity gap.


  • To provide an overview of the evolution of Global Health, its scope, issues, mechanism and processes.
  • To discuss the evolution and the important of social inequity and its impact on health outcome
  • To provide the current situation of Post 2015 development agenda process and the potential link between PMAC2015 and the negotiation process


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