Global Health Financing – What Lies Ahead?


The session will provide an overview of current and future scenario in health care management, service delivery and financing summarized from the preceding sessions in the sub-theme. These sessions will highlight analytical trends discussed by the keynote speaker as well as the seven parallel sessions that jointly covered universal health coverage, resource mobilization, innovative approaches and related challenges. The focus will be on sufficiency, equity and sustainability with a call for collective action from national governments and the international community including the private sector.


  • The session will address the following objectives:
  • Take stock of the increase in health care costs, the capacity and efforts made to strengthen systems and mobilize funds externally and by countries;
  • Discuss innovative approaches, their outcomes on equity and health outcomes, and review how countries are addressing the move towards universal health coverage;
  • Promote wider understanding of the required steps to improve access, reduce inequities and assure sustainable financing.


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