Opening Session & Keynote Address

Opening Plenary: The Primacy of Priority Setting: Global Advocates and Country Realities

Plenary 1: Using Priority Setting Evidence in Making UHC Decisions

Parallel Session 1.1: Evidence for Health Benefits Package Choices: Is Cost-Effectiveness Analysis the Answer?

Parallel Session 1.2: Accountability, Fairness and Good Governance in Priority-Setting for UHC

Parallel Session 1.3: Strengthening Capacity to Produce and Appraise HTA Evidence

Parallel Session 1.4: Human Rights - Entitlement to Health: What Does It Mean in Practice and How Can It Affect Priority Setting for UHC?

Parallel Session 1.5: Priority Setting and Public Health Security: Leveraging UHC Reform for Disease Surveillance Systems in a Globalized World

Plenary 2: Is the Current Evidence Fit-for-Purpose? What Evidence Do Decision Makers Need to Set Priorities in the Future?

Parallel Session 2.1: Demonstrating the Relevance of Economic Evaluation to Multiple Objectives of UHC: What Are the Key Challenges?

Parallel Session 2.2: Missed Opportunities and Opportunity Costs: Reprioritizing UHC Decisions in Light of Emergence of New Technologies, Continued Budget Constraints, and Incentives for Innovation

Parallel Session 2.3: Can You Handle the Truth? Accounting for Politics and Ethics in UHC Is Very Challenging

Parallel Session 2.4: Stakeholder Dynamics in UHC Priority Setting

Parallel Session 2.5: Enabling Better Decisions for Better Health: Embedding Fair and Systematic Processes into Priority-Setting for UHC

Plenary 3: Action Express Priorities: Progressing towards Sustainable UHC / Bangkok Statement

Parallel Session 3.1: Defining the "What", "How" and "for Whom" of UHC: Country Experiences of Developing and Implementing Benefits Plans and Other Tools for Priority-Setting

Parallel Session 3.2: Prioritising Research to Deliver Evidence for UHC: How Can Policy Makers Shape the Research Agenda to What They and Their Populations Need

Parallel Session 3.3: Aligning Local and Global Priorities for Health: The Roles of Governments, CSOs and Development Partners in Setting and Funding for The Priorities

Parallel Session 3.4: Coping with Budget Reductions & Economic Austerity: Implications for UHC Priority Setting

Parallel Session 3.5: Translating Priorities into Action

Plenary 4: Better Decisions for Better Health: from Rhetoric to Reality

Synthesis: Summary, Conclusion & Recommendations